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No school bus? We transport your students to school

Our school taxi services in the East of Montreal

If your schools have students living in areas where your school buses do not go, entrust the transportation of your students to our experienced drivers. Trained by the Saint-Jérôme Road Transport Training Center (CFTR), our drivers ensure the safety of your students whether they are 6 or 18 years old. Our door-to-door school transportation service : a practical, safe and comfortable solution.

How to benefit from this service *

  1. Contact the administration to obtain pre-paid coupons;
  2. Schedule pickup times;
  3. Give pre-paid coupons to students using school taxi services;
  4. A taxi identified for school transportation transports your youngsters;
  5. Your young people just have to give the pre-paid coupon  to the driver during their transport.

We know how to take care of your children. School boards are also one of the main users of this service.

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+ Book your taxi

+ Schedule transportation and pre-payment terms in advance

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Questions ?

CONTACT US for more details on this service.

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